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Martha Rush

Martha was born and raised in Trujillo, Peru. She had the opportunity to move to Miami Beach in 1992. Martha embarked on a life-changing adventure in 1992 when she moved to Miami Beach, leaving behind everything familiar to her. Arriving alone in a new country, she faced the daunting challenge of adapting to a foreign land, where the language, customs, and surroundings were all unfamiliar. Yet, Martha not only conquered the language barrier but also mastered English and some Italian, demonstrating her remarkable ability to embrace diversity.

 She proceeded to learn to drive for the first time, developed her professional skills and over the next 12 years, she proudly earned her US citizenship. Martha visits her family including her beloved mother, two brothers, and two nieces. Her brothers' impressive achievements, one as a MD dermatologist and the other as a university professor with a PhD in architecture, stand as a testament to the family's pursuit of excellence.


Martha graduated in Business Management from Trujillo, Peru. She moved to Maui in 1996, began her Real Estate career in 2000 and proceeded to earn her Real Estate Broker's license in 2008. Martha, with her husband Dennis, lives on Maui successfully specializing in the luxury real estate market,  serving the Maui community with passion and expertise. 


Martha loves Maui! She was voted by her peers to be their South Maui Realtors Association of Maui representative. She was instrumental in the Wishing Well Program supplying lunches to school children without means and currently helps serve Maui Food Bank food at Hope Chapel. Martha remembers her beginnings in the US and loves to translate for the Latino community to help those unable to communicate with their doctors, attorneys, pharmacists and others for their daily needs .


Martha and Dennis were married on 12/13/14 a very unique and special date to them. They love their active & healthy Maui lifestyles which include their Compass real estate business, long lasting friendships and daily fitness programs. Their lifestyle includes the daily gym, jogging, walking the white sand beaches, making fresh morning juices and garden to table dinners. Martha's love for dance is a testament to her vibrant spirit, and she extends a warm invitation for you to come and share in the beauty of Maui's culture, landscapes, and people.


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Mobile: (808) 283-3952
Address: 914 Kupulau Dr,
Kihei, HI 96753
License: #RB19743

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