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Shar Borg

Shar Borg is the go to real estate advisor for sports and entertainment figures who need to make the Milwaukee area home, both long-term and short-term. As a former television news personality who transferred to Milwaukee specifically for work, Shar understands the need for unparalleled discretion and exceptional advice when it comes to both residential and investment purchases. In the decade and a half that Shar has been a trusted real estate advisor, she has served dozens of athletes, coaches, and trainers, for organizations including the Milwaukee Bucks, Marquette University, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.


Shar's business is primarily referral based. Even before new clients are publicly announced they have often been referred to Shar, so privacy is of the utmost importance. When clients are moving to a new market or looking for a second home in a different market, Shar is their first call for a referral. From Florida to California, to Boston, and markets in between, Shar has helped her luxury clients connect with just the right advisor in their new market.

For Shar, helping her clients land in the right home isn't just a transaction. It's merely one part of building a trusted relationship. Shar often connects her clients with other key relationships and communities including faith organizations, schools, nannies, and house managers. Finally, as a real estate investor and developer, Shar is able to offer guidance and make connections that assist her clients in diversifying their investment portfolios. Shar is often the first friend and advisor her clients find in Milwaukee, but she makes sure they ultimately have all the connections they need to truly thrive and make Milwaukee home. After all, happy people are productive people -- and productive people win championships!

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Mobile: (414) 243-9836
Address: 5215 N. Ironwood,
Suite 200, Milwaukee

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